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Read Johnstonian News article about the gift of The Club to the YMCA.

November Update
The YMCA has started working on renovations and updates to the East Triangle YMCA. Their teams have begun work on the facility to prepare if for supporting YMCA members and programming. You can view some of the construction progress photos here.
Keeping You Safe
 The YMCA's commitment to the safety of their members and staff is a top priority. They are closely following all state and local requirements in their facilities. And, they've increased their cleaning protocols and put social distancing procedures in place. Learn more about how they are keeping their members and staff safe.
You don’t have to do anything. Our accounting department is working this week, June 22, 2020, to issue statements and refunds.
With over 700 accounts, we will do our best to send accurate account information. However if for any reason, you do not believe your statement is correct, please email: Info@FlowersPlantation.com.

We are making every effort to have refund distributed by July 2, 2020.

You will receive pro-rated monthly fees for the months, days, for which you paid and could not use the club due to COVID-19 closure. There are 11 days of March 2020.

Johnston County has seen over 200 new cases of COVID-19 in the last week.  The liability for the owner and the risks for the family is much too great to open at this time.

YES!  The YMCA is planning now a series of outside programs and will be announcing shortly. We will also post those.

Your fastest method to stay abreast of the information is to go to: www.YMCATriangle.Org/Pineville. A phone number (919) 719-9622 as a secondary method will not be as expedient as the site. A third method to get your YMCA questions answered is through the email: CustomerService@YMCATriangle.org.

The many changes in Flowers Plantation has raised values for over 30 years!  The pace is getting greater and there are many new announcements to come!  We do not have a “Tool” to gauge the present transition. We anticipate that the change should do nothing but give rise to more marketing and activity and interest in this area. If any resident believes otherwise we would be happy to review any evidence that home values have been negatively affected.

The Bar will transition to the Dr. Watson Inn. There will be a catered meal weekly for those who wish to make reservations. Announcements will be coming soon.

There is not a definite date for inside activities due to the COVID-19 restrictions and increase in numbers of cases. However, stay abreast of thehttps://www.YMCATriangle.org/Pineville to keep updated.

The Owner of the Club is gifting the club for the benefit of the families and their enjoyment of a much broader program of amenities. Everyone in The Village was made aware by notice approximately three weeks ago. This notice may be found on the Flowers Plantation website under The Pineville Club title.

The Club was never a private club as was originally intended. The Village Residents did not wish to carry the fees required to operate at that level. Therefore, non-resident memberships have always been offered. Complaints continue in regard to how “HIGH” the monthly family dues cost.

Parking needs currently will be met by the present parking lot and the larger parking area to the northeast that was paved approximately two years ago. The area just outside of Savannah Lane on The Pineville Boulevard may be used for a short term, if needed,  prior to the completion of adding additionally the new parking area that was planned at the conception of the Club  and is available for additional parking, when needed.

Yes….If the Village residents wish to continue with the Village covenants and the monthly fees attached, even though the NW Flowers Parkway,  The Village Boulevard, nor Beckwith Avenue expense is not being carried by the Village residents, then yes!  The Club was annexed both into the Village and The Foundation. It has paid dues since it was opened. The formula is based on 37 instead of 1 per homeowner. In 2020… The Club paid $6,671 as its’ annual January contribution to the Foundation and in monthly payments a total of $19,980  to The Village.

Currently these roads are NOT fully funded by the dues collected from the residents. There are dues from The Club to both The Flowers Plantation Foundation, Inc. and The Village HOA, Inc. in monthly dues payments. Refer to question 4. The YMCA would continue paying the amounts stated;  that have been paid since the club opened in 2008.

The YMCA plans to offer after school care at the club, however, there is no decision if it will be discontinued at the River Dell Elementary. It is doubtful it will be discontinued, however.

Flowers YMCA will offer activities for all age groups. For inquiries about specific activities, please contact Jon Mills at Jon.Mills@YMCATriangle.org

For inquires regarding the community pools please call the YMCA at 919-719-9622.  

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