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The West Side Story

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In the heart of Johnston County, a story of remarkable transformation unfolds across 3000 acres - the tale of Flowers Plantation. First established as Flowers Farms in 1998, this visionary Planned Unit Development (PUD) broke ground as the first of its kind in the county, laying the foundation for a captivating blend of nature and convenience that spans over 5 miles, extending from the Neuse River to Buffalo Creek.

Strategic planning guided the evolution of Flowers Plantation. Divided into two key sections, the west end flourished around the Neuse River area, while the middle sector gravitated toward Hwy. 70 for seamless access. East Clayton Elementary School emerged as the cornerstone, followed by Building Blocks Daycare and the FoodLion Shopping Center, shaping the west as an embodiment of "Easy Living."

While the development progressed, historical gems like Neuse Colony and Bennett Place added depth to the narrative, a testament to the community’s past intertwined with modernity. At the heart of the west end of Flowers Plantation lies the Neuse River Parkway Recreation Center, a hub of leisure and relaxation. Housing Johnston County’s first swimming pool and tennis court complex, the center beckons residents to unwind and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Connectivity is the thread that weaves Flowers Plantation together. Pedestrian trails seamlessly connect the east to the west, forming a network of walking, biking, and golf-cart trails that encapsulate the essence of “Easy Living.”

A vibrant tapestry of neighborhoods on the west side defines the landscape, including The Gardens, EastLake, Plantation Point, Lakeside Townes, Cottonfield Village, North Farm,
North Farm Cottages, Magnolia Village, Magnolia Place, Mill Creek West, Parkway Townes, Watson’s Mill, Ross Landing, Whitfield and Walker Woods. Shared ownership and a sense of togetherness are fostered as these communities unite to maintain amenities and natural buffers.

Flowers Plantation isn’t just a residence; it’s a testament to harmonious living, where nature and community thrive side by side. This community evolves daily, celebrating its legacy as Johnston County’s pioneer in PUD zoning and a haven of “Easy Living.” Embark on this journey and become a part of the ever-growing story that is Flowers Plantation.

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