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Subliminal Massage Body & Energy Therapy

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We are excited to welcome a new business to Flowers! Subliminal Massage Body & Energy Therapy, located in Suite H at the Percy Flowers Store.

At Subliminal Massage Body & Energy Therapy, I offer massage, Reiki, and other types of bodywork and energy work. I customize each session for each client. I enjoy working as a team with my client every time we see each other, because your needs naturally vary from session to session. My goal is to make my work, physical and mental pain relief, as accessible as possible for all. I strive for a low anxiety atmosphere. There are never any extra charges for any modality or technique that I offer. My clients deserve the best that I have to offer without worrying about the mystery math of add-ons and upsells.

I enjoy accommodating sensory, emotional, and spiritual needs, such as using 100% cotton sheets with no microfiber for an autistic client, massaging in a side-lying position so that a client with PTSD can see the door at all times, and using various alternative techniques to massage a modest client fully clothed. There is an elevator in the building, my table is electric and can be lowered nearly to the floor for ease of access, and has a weight-bearing capacity of over 1,000 lbs. 

Our infrared sauna is top-of-the-line dry sauna technology that provides a cornucopia of benefits for people with both physical and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, psoriasis, eczema, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more. Full body chromotherapy is included with each sauna session. Sometimes referred to as red-light therapy when used cosmetically for the skin, we have a full range of light available including purple-light therapy for anxiety and yellow-light therapy for wound healing. The sauna is one of the largest on the market, and can accommodate up to 4 people seated, 2 people lying down, or a person with wheelchair or other mobility aid. We have a full bathroom with shower and toiletries available if desired after a sauna visit.

Energy therapy, Reiki, is another important service that I offer my clientele. My Reiki sessions can include guided meditation and breathwork, which helps the body’s nervous system relax and regulate itself. In Reiki we focus on bringing the mind and body into balance with each other, using very light therapeutic touch and person-to-person connection. 
We have a curated retail space featuring sacred sage bundles and quartz-accented feather smudging fans created and blessed by local indigenous artist Roxanne Curry, as well as other small goods such as massage candles, small crystals, and books. 
Every massage that I offer is multi-therapeutic, we can focus on several different strategies that work for you all in one session. The modalities and techniques I offer include but are not limited to: 
Reiki and other energy work | Deep tissue | Swedish | Prenatal | Postnatal | Intraoral for TMJD | Cranial-facial for headache and sinus relief | Reflexology | Cupping | Hot stone
Service fees for bodywork and energy work are $120 for 1 hour, $180 for 1.5 hours, and $240 for 2 hours. 
Service fees for the infrared sauna are $30 for 30 minutes, $45 for 45 minutes, and $60 for 60 minutes. Sauna membership is $300 a month for unlimited 30 minute sessions (once a day).
For the months of April and May, I am offering a Spring Special package that is perfect for Mother’s Day. A 1 hour massage, 30 minute Reiki session, a 30 minute sauna session, and a thank-you gift to take home, for $200. I am offering a New Client Special that includes a complimentary 15 minute sauna session with any massage or Reiki booking. 

CONTACT: (910)801-8316

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