06 Aug, 2018

Johnston County Commissioners Meeting

Flowers Plantation Update

August 6, 2018

This is to provide the County Commissioners, County Officials, Staff and Guests an update on the new traffic signal currently being installed at the intersection of Buffalo Road, E Neuse River Parkway and River Dell Townes Avenue which is at River Dell Elementary School.

This project was coordinated and developed with NCDOT, Johnston County School Board and Flowers Plantation representatives over the past year to provide a safe passage for children attending River Dell Elementary School from Flowers Plantation and a safe intersection for vehicles traveling through this intersection daily. (click HERE for map)

The new traffic signal will include pedestrian cross-walks with push buttons and sidewalks connecting E Neuse River Parkway and River Dell Townes Avenues access to the School. Additional lanes for traffic stacking are being installed on the River Dell Elementary School property which will alleviate a lot of cars from backing up on Buffalo Road. Temporary wooden poles are being installed to have the signal and road improvements completed by school opening which is August 27. Final black metal mast arms will be installed in early 2019 as there is a 6-month lead time.

We appreciate the assistance of the County Commissioners, NCDOT, and the School Board in making this a successful project that will provide safe passage for students, vehicles and Flowers Plantation residents.

The project will be funded by NCDOT, Flowers Plantation and the Johnston County School Board and there will not be any cost to the Flowers Plantation residents.

The E Neuse River Parkway is near completion and will be open for traffic within 30 days as weather has resulted in some delays for installing safety features.

On behalf of Flowers Plantation thank you for this time to update you on the progress and plans for the future at Flowers Plantation.

Thank you,

Reid Stephenson

CEO Flowers Plantation

click HERE for a note from Chad M. Jewett, Principal at River Dell Elementary