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From Trash To Treasure

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Stephen Sandberg: District Resident's 17-Year Crusade Against Litter

Just after he and Barabara, his wife, moved to Flowers Plantation Stephen became concerned that people would
toss their trash out onto our streets and walkways.

Steve said that there is a great deal of money invested in planting and maintaining the beauty of our neighborhood and it is sad that this happens. So, he decided to do something about it and at 84 years old he continues to walk the area and pick up litter. He appreciates nature and the environment.

In his earlier days he volunteered to help build and maintain trails in Mohonk Preserve in the Hudson River Valley in New York. He definitely knows what it takes to build and maintain our common areas. In regard to the large amount of litter, it is interesting that Steve feels only a very few people would be so thoughtless but they do it all the time.

The next time you see Steve picking up litter wave and say thank you!

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