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The Village residents desired to have a private club and the owner tried for 12 years to have enough Village memberships to financially support a private club, but could not secure enough interest.  The pools at individual homes future may be considered in the future, but it is not a condition of the transition or the dissolution of the Village. 

Architectural matters will always require Foundation (Declarant) approval if they pertain to the exterior of the residence.

The decision on the gates is at least 30 days away and we will use August 15, 2020. There will be two scenarios that will need to be reviewed in gate placements.

The gates at 42 E and Buffalo may still be closed at 9 pm and open at 5 am., depending on if the Village is dissolved. They may still operate if the Village is not dissolved and no individual gates are installed by the Declarant.

There will be no impact on the Flowers Plantation Foundation, Inc. dues, as they are scheduled over the next few years per last year’s budget review to increase 5% annually. However, there are approximately 400 new homes being annexed annually to assist in offsetting the increases in large amounts or assessments. Remember dues are not paid to the Foundation but once per year and they are paid based on the lots recorded, not vacant land. Open spaces, recreational spaces are not taxed. The 40 acres of lakes for pedestrian trails will be annexed into the Foundation over the next year for residents to walk. They are recreational and open space.

There will be NO Village dues. They are presently $45/month or $540/annually per homeowner. 

Parking needs currently will be met by the present parking lot and the larger parking area to the northeast that was paved approximately two years ago. The area just outside of Savannah Lane on The Pineville Boulevard may be used for a short term, if needed,  prior to the completion of adding additionally the new parking area that was planned at the conception of the Club  and is available for additional parking, when needed.

Cars will be monitored as they are now. The YMCA will be aware and will adhere to all our covenants and regulations.

The parkways, such as Village Blvd., NW Flowers Parkway, Beckwith, Savannah are private, meaning they are not regulated and traveled or maintained by NC DOT. However, they have never been private to the Village since construction.

Wear and tear of the private parkways depends on what decision is made in regard to The Flowers Plantation Foundation, Inc. or The Village continuing to maintain these parkways. The Club, The Inn both pay more than the one unit per family. The club pays 37 x the annual assessment and the monthly $45.00/Village dues and the Inn pays 3 times for each.

Installation date for gates not determined. If Village remains, there will be no more gates.

The details as to the maintenance expense of the gates annually depend on the number of motors, a slider vs two individual and the high figure for annual maintenance used to be over the top is $5000/annually.

The HOA will maintain the gates with the money reimbursed from the Village.

The gate will be turned over to Evergreen and Cottages at Evergreen at the time the Village is dissolved.  If the Village is not dissolved the Village will continue to maintain.

When the gate is turned over to the HOAs, Evergreen and Cottages at Evergreen will be responsible for the Gate.

Architectural matters will always require Declarant approval if on the exterior to the residence.

If the Village were dissolved, the Village declaration would be void and of no effect. The architectural and use restrictions contained in the Village declaration would be guidelines that would be subject to the overall governance of the Foundation and Declarant.

Sidewalks and trails are for pedestrian use only and when accompanied by pets, pets must be leashed. 

Dissolution of the Village HOA requires 80% approval by the Village residents.

Maintenance of gates for the neighborhoods will transfer to the individual HOAs upon dissolution of the Village HOA.

The YMCA is non-profit and offers many structured programs/activities for all age groups.  We have attempted to have programs at the Club with residents leading some activities and this has not been successful, therefore, the YMCA was the best selection.

Per the YMCA the parking spaces that are currently at the Club, 182, and the future planned 138 spaces are enough for any YMCA event.

The existing parking spaces at the Club is 182 with future plans to add an additional 138 spaces which will provide a total of +/- 320 spaces which will accommodate the YMCA program participants.

The Foundation dues are not projected to increase more than the annual increase of 5%. The Village reserve funds that were established for maintenance of the Village berms and streets will be transferred to the Foundation for maintaining the berms and streets that will become the responsibility of the Foundation upon dissolution of the Village. The Foundation is a non-profit organization and funds transferred from the Village will be used for continued maintenance of berms, landscaping and streets.

The residual funds in the Village Accounts will be transferred to the Foundation to offset an immediate need for higher dues. At the rate of 400+ new homes sales annually we do not anticipate increases in dues above the previous 5% projected annually.

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