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August 2023

The North District

North District at Flowers Plantation will offer 2 story townhomes and 3 story townhomes with a 4th story
bedroom, bath and terrace overlooking a beautiful lake.
Prices will begin in the high $300’s for the 2 story and the
3 story with a 4th story terrace will begin in the low $400’s. North District will be adjacent to the planned Waterfront District and existing commercial areas with Harris Teeter and Publix.

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The West Side Story

In the heart of Johnston County, a story of remarkable transformation unfolds across 3000 acres – the tale of Flowers Plantation. First established as Flowers Farms in 1998, this visionary Planned Unit Development (PUD) broke ground as the first of its kind in the county, laying the foundation for a captivating blend of nature and convenience that spans over 5 miles, extending from the Neuse River to Buffalo Creek.

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